Bringing the Art and Science of Coffee Together

When?  Wednesday 13th November 2019

What time? 7-8.30pm

Where? The Old Barracks Coffee Roastery & Coffee Bar, Birdhill

Building on 3 information sessions in May, June and July you have an understanding of flavours, roasting and making a great cup of coffee at home. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee has long been considered an art, depending on experience and skills honed by baristas and amateur enthusiasts alike over generations. However, each of the processes though which coffee is realised – such as growing the beans, harvesting, drying, roasting, grinding and brewing – are fundamentally science-driven applications. Even the most mature processes can benefit from a scientific approach, grounded in the language of mathematics. In this session, we are joined by our own Old Barracks Coffee Roastery experts, and mathematicians and chemists from University of Limerick who will speak on the impact of grind size, flow rate and extraction rates of the various chemicals and flavours of coffee.



Alan Andrews, The Old Barracks Coffee Roastery & Coffee Bar

Dr Kevin Moroney, SSPC/MACSI, University of Limerick

“Coffee and Maths: Formulas for Flavour”

Roasted and ground coffee has a unique set of physical and chemical properties given to it by its variety, growing and processing conditions, roasting method and grinding settings. Understanding and controlling these properties is key to brewing great coffee. The size and shape of the particles is key to control the brewing time and extraction of different flavour chemicals in coffee. A common misconception is that great coffee is not down to its strength or quantity of caffeine; in reality it comes down to a balance of flavours. This is well known to top baristas who are adopting a scientific approach to coffee brewing. Here, we take a scientific look at strength, caffeine level and flavour balance.


Q&A: Will the science ever replace humans? The relationship of coffee strength and caffeine content? What step is the most important in making coffee? and more


Demonstrations of particle size, caffeine extraction and roasting.

Please book online as places are limited.


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  1. Catherine Martin
    November 6, 2019 / 3:03 pm

    I am registering for the event next wednesday 13th marrying maths and coffee-making