This coffee come from Finca Los Caneros which is a small 1ha farm nestled high in the Andes in the town of El Limo in the north west of Antioquia. Los Caneros is owned by Rosa Elena Higuita. In this region the Cooperativa de Caficultores del Occidente de Antioquia (COOPENOCC) supports its members who all mainly work and live on small 1ha farms growing the varietals castillo, colombia and caturra.

The cooperative was formed in May 1987 with producers coming together as they were dissatisfied with options for selling and marketing of their coffees. The cooperative has currently 3,414 active Associates and is present in 13 municipalities and 5 townships in the West of Antioquia. During the harvest Rosa takes special care in the harvesting of ripe coffee cherries with her family and pickers they hire. On the farm they float and separate the cherries to remove floaters. The coffee is then washed and fermented for 18 – 24 hours in tiled tanks. The coffee is then dried in tents or small mechanical chest driers depending on the climate on the farm.