Espresso Machines for Your Home Office

LIMITED TIME PROMO!! Order any Barista Touch, Oracle, or Oracle Touch and receive free from Sage a Barista Pack with a retail value of €200! The kit includes a knock box, serving and travel cups, a tamping mat, an extra milk jug, and a few other fun bits that will enhance your at-home coffee experience.



You need great coffee to get through the day, and you need a machine that’s easy to use so you can keep your nose to the grindstone. And right now, we have some fabulous machines that will see you making coffee with one hand and slaying your to-do list with the other. Let’s get to work! Email Amy to book in for a demo and to learn more about our range of Sage Espresso Machines.

Please be advised that while we accept One4All cards for payment for Sage Espresso Machines, we add a 5% processing fee when that method of payment is used; Amy will issue you an individual invoice for the purchase, so please reach her directly ( rather than purchase through the website.

€894 (ex-VAT)

Barista Touch in Black


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Touch-screen display, pre-programmed drinks, and automated milk texturing make your at-home barista experience—from grind to latte art—a one-handed breeze.

€1489 (ex-VAT)

Oracle in Stainless


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Dual boiler, integrated grinder with automated grind & tamp, adjustable milk temperature and texture, programmable settings. You can do it all yourself, too, but why would you?

€1989 (ex-VAT)

Oracle Touch in Stainless


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Touch-screen, dual boiler, integrated grinder with automated grind & tamp, pre-programmed drinks, automated milk texturing. Sage’s top-of-the-line offering lets you play home barista with one hand tied behind your back.