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We offer a choice of up to 8 origins at any one time.  It’s not the fastest way to make coffee but it’s the best way to guarantee flavour and consistency in our brews. Choose your coffee type at the bar from our selection of in house roasted specialty coffees. Every coffee origin is ground and extracted or brewed to order. 18g – 23g of coffee in every espresso shot. 





Espresso (40ml)

Americano (180/250ml)



Flat White (180ml)

Cappuccino (280ml)

Latte (280ml)

Cortado (80ml)

Machiatto (60ml)

Mocha (250ml)


Aeropress (145ml)

Kalita (280ml)

French Press (280ml)

V60 (280ml)

Clever Dripper (280ml)

Chemex (450ml)

ICED COFFEE (seasonal)

Iced Americano

Iced Latte

Iced Vanilla Latte

with Salted Caramel Twist

Iced Mocha


Sexy Chocolate (280ml) 

Breakfast Tea 

Sparkling/Still Water



Irish Breakfast

Sencha Makato Green

Earl Grey Russian

Rooibois Lemon






BRAZIL, Fazenda Zaroca | Rich Body, High Intensity buy

Clementine | Caramel | Hazelnut and a Dark Chocolate body || Natural

1150 MASL. Cup Score: 84.25

INDONESIA, Burni Telong | Rich Body, Medium Intensity buy

Grapefruit | Raw Honey | Nutmeg | Black Pepper | Full Smoky Body || Giling Basah

1400-1600 MASL. Cup Score: 84.25



HONDURAS, Jesus Lemus Leon | Medium Body, Medium Intensity buy

Red Cherry | Plum | Hazelnut and Cream Milk Chocolate Body || Washed

1450 MASL. Cup Score: 85


GUATEMALA, La Bolsa Granada | Medium Body, Medium Intensity buy

Plum | Cherry | Raspberry | Sweet Fig and Dark Chocolate Body || Natural

1800 MASL. Cup Score: 86.



RWANDA, Gatare 667 | Light Body, Medium Intensity buy

Tropical Fruits, like Pineapple | Orange | Rich Dark Chocolate | Very Full Jammy Mouth-feel | Incredibly Sweet || Natural

1800 MASL. Cup Score: 87.5

DECAF, Central America, El Caracol and Quetzal | Medium Body, Medium Intensity buy

Plums | Dark Chocolate | Sweet | Juicy | Apple Acidity || Sparkling Water Decaf

1500 – 1700 MASL. Cup Score: 85

Our coffees rotate with the seasons, which means you get the freshest and best tasting coffee in your cup every time. Bring a taste of the Old Barracks home with you, chat with a team member to learn more. Certification: RFA – Rainforest Alliance Certificate | Organic | FT – Fair Trade | COE – Cup of Excellence


For wholesale enquiries mail to or have a chat with Alan.

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