11 Feb

Pilates Sundays with Leah Harte

Pilates at The Old Barracks is a mat class that is both restorative and invigorating, chilled but focused, working on stretch and stability in equal measure. It is a mixed level class, suitable for anyone who is injury free and in the mood for some morning movement.

5 Jan

Meditation Class “Why Wait, Let’s Meditate”

Join Health and Wellness Coach Gillian O’Gorman for the 6 week introductory course to practicing meditation daily. Let go of the preconceived ideas you may have around meditation and open up to the concept of sitting, breathing and being. The idea of this course is to guide you from 5 to 15 minutes of meditation by introducing intention setting, breathing techniques, affirmations & mindfulness.

25 Sep

Video – Ep 1 Spilling the Beans – The Backstory

In our first (ever) video we learn how Alan Andrews, Founder of The Old Barracks Roastery came to where he is today. We chat about his background in the coffee industry, how he got involved in it, his previous businesses, divorce, redundancy and starting again from scratch. Discover the journey behind The Old Barracks Coffee Roastery and Cafe (opened July 1st 2018).

25 Sep

Podcast – EP 1 – How to open a coffee roastery