OBR Charity Day 2020

The Old Barracks Coffee Roastery & Coffee Bar has decided to bring the team and coffee community together to support a good cause through coffee by organising OBR Charity Day 2020 on Saturday, 1st of February in the Roastery.

All sales on the day will be donated to one Irish charity from a short list of five. As well, The Old Barracks Team is contributing hours equal to a day’s pay to the charity day fund. Visit us, shop as normal and instead of paying money into the till, you’ll contribute the coffee bar’s regular set prices to the Charity Jar. You are also more than welcome to make a donation via online sales at https://theoldbarracks.ie/retail-shop/, in the comment section nominate a charity from our list.

Which charity will receive the funds?

It’s all in your hands. On the day you will be asked to vote for an Irish charity from a short list of five, developed by The Old Barracks Team. The charity with the most votes will receive all the proceeds from the day’s trading.

Who else is involved?

Newly opened GUJI Boutique Coffee Bar in Nenagh, serving specialty coffee roasted by The Old Barracks Coffee Roastery, will also take part in the event and donate all proceeds and staff hours.