AltitudePreparationLocationCup Score
1840 maslWashedLa Piedra, Andes84
May to SeptemberDecember to JanuaryCastillo, Colombia, Caturra and TypicaMaria Victoria
Alvarez Restrepo

Maria Victoria Alvarez Restrepo is 59 years old and inherited the farm from her father before her. The farm is situated in La Piedra, Andes with 60% of the farm used for the production of coffee with the rest to the natural habitat. In total there are about 12,000 trees. Maria remembers visiting the farm initially as a child and as she grew older and became an adult becoming more involved in the running of the farm. There have been struggles with the outbreak of leaf rust and dealing with disease but Maria and the family have pursued working on producing high quality specialty coffee.

The farm has 4 permanent workers and then will need additional pickers in the harvest to help with the cherry selection. Once picked the coffee is pulped and dry fermented for 24 hours before being dried on a roof patio for between 10 – 14 days in the sunshine. As part of the cooperative they receive an extra initial payment for delivering the coffee in smaller parchment sizes. After this they will then receive a secondary payment of 60% of the profits once the final sale has been achieved.

CUP PROFILE: apple and cinnamon with almond, vanilla and a rich dark chocolate body