Located in Timbio just to the south of Popayan in Cauca is where the Cosurca Cooperative is based and represents 11 farmer organisations and 1500 families spread across the Colombian Massif here in central & south Cauca. The Coop was established in 1993 and at looking to work for its members to help farmers and their communities prosper both economically & socially.

The cooperative has a number of programs looking at post conflict resolution, women’s empowerment, youth promotion, general education, ethnic minorities & environmental harmony. The coop is working to have all its members working organically as they believe this is best for the prosperity and future of the farmers and environment together. As well as coffee they also have established a fruit drink business buying fruit from their farmer members to be produced and sold from the coop headquarters in Timbio.

This Rio Magdalena blend is made up of coffee coming from the producer organisations that was cupped and assessed by the team led by Alberto in the lab at their mill. Each of the producers are small holders with between 1-4Ha of land. All the coffee is hand picked during the harvest and then once picked is deplulped and usually left to dry ferment for around 18 hours until ready. From here it is then
washed and cleaned before being dried for between 10 – 14 days in parabolic driers. From here the coffee is then delivered to the local collection points of the group before being transported to Cosurca in Timbio.