AltitudePreparationLocationCup Score
1070 – 1800 MASLWashed (RFA)
Bálsamo - Quezaltepec, San Salvador Department84
January - MarchApril - JulyBourbonAlvarez Gallardo

The El Cipres Estate is located on the North West slopes of the Picacho Volcano in the Bálsamo-Quezaltepec coffee region, within the municipality of Nejapa, San Salvador. The farm was originally bought in 1880 by Dr. Emilio Alvarez Lalinde, when his family migrated to El Salvador from Colombia. The family brought with them their strong ancestral links and vast knowledge of coffee production. In 1992 the estate was taken over by the Alvares Gallardo family, who brought a new passion and dedication to the farm, working hard to achieve RFA certification, in addition to improving all aspects of the estate.

The estate is made up of 90 hectares of coffee producing land and 5 hectares of natural forest, which has allowed the wildlife to flourish. Starting at 1070 MASL, the farm is a long thin strip of land which climbs up to 1800 MASL, producing 3000 bags annually. El Mirador is a parcel of land made up of 6.5 Hectares (9 Manzanas) and is nestled at the top reaches of the farm between 1500 – 1650 MASL. The coffee picked is a Bourbon varietal that has been grown under shade in the nutrient rich volcanic soil.

The family are currently going through the process of replacing old coffee plants across the farm and are looking to improve quality and yield for future harvests. In addition to Bourbon, there are also sections of Orange Bourbon and Pacamara in the higher reaches of the estate, which are ready to harvest this year. The estate has also re-introduced the old practice of ‘agobia’, which involves cutting and growing to improve the yield.

This year, in collaboration with our long-term partners – the El Borbollon Mill in Santa Ana – we have created a unique set of 8 unique processed lots for the first time using the best cherry from the El Cipres estate. El Borbollon has invested heavily in its future, building further African drying beds and tanks to expand its ability to produce unique microlots. All the lots have then been processed at the El Borbollon Mill under our guidance, giving a wide range of profiles and flavours from the traditional fruity natural, to the creamy lactic honey and distinct acidity of the macerated naturals. Before the cherry is processed it is floated and separated to ensure only ripe cherries are used in producing these lots.