AltitudePreparationLocationCup Score
1700 – 1950 MASLWashedNyeri County87.25
May - SeptAug - FebSL28 & 34Kiama Farmers Society

Kiangundo is situated in Nyeri County of Kenya and has approximately 690 members who deliver coffee to the factory. During the harvest the members deliver their cherry where it is then sorted by cherry quality before being pulped and floated to undergo a secondary quality control process. After this it is left to ferment in tiled tanks for 16 – 24 hours before being washed and graded again and before resting in a tank under water for 24 hours. After this it is then taken to drying tables where it dries for between 7-14 days usually down to 11% moisture. From here the coffee is then taken to the Kahara Bowa mill in Thika.

CUP PROFILE: gooseberry and green apple with bright acidity, wine with cream soda and a honey body