AltitudePreparationLocationCup Score
1100 – 1200 MASL
NaturalSul De Minas, Gerais83.75
May - SeptAug - FebMundo novo, Red Catuai, Yellow CatuaiManoel Teodoro Ferreira

Located in the region of Sul De Minas, Fazenda São José is perfectly situated to grow coffee in this mountainous region with altitudes ranging from 950 – 1300 MASL. The 46 hectare farm is close to the city of São Goncalo Do Sapucai and is owned by Manoel Teodoro Ferreira and his wife Maria Aparecida Ferreira, who have been married for 51 years and are still actively involved in working on the farm. They have always been an example of work and dedication with a real social aspect to their endeavours, contributing to improvement of all segments of their neighbourhood and caring for their worker’s and the local community.

São José farm has three streams and 30% of the land is a nature reserve providing a diverse environment for coffee to grow. Due to its geographical position, the horse-shoe-shape farm receives winds and currents in the opposite to the prevailing direction, creating a “differentiated microclimate” inside the farm. Manoel and Maria open up the land to the local people and visitors to come enjoy the nature reserve and rivers. During harvest their coffee is manually collected when the cherry reaches maturation. Once picked, the coffee is laid out on patios and turned every hour until 50% moisture is reached. The coffee is then collected in thicker piles to allow it to dry down to 11.5% moisture. The process can last up to 21 days. Once dried, it is then stored in wooden hoppers for 20 days to rest and equalise before being hulled and bagged ready for shipment.