new Brazil, Montenari Estates

12.0022.00 incl.VAT

Second level flavour notes: plum, orange and caramel with a smooth creamy dark chocolate finish.

Process: Natural

Specialty score: 83.5

Farm height: 950 masl

Varietal: Rubi

Certificate: RFA


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Fazenda Rainha Da Paz is a relatively new farm having been established as recently as 2008. However, there is by no means a lack of experience since the farm is owned by the Montanari family and is managed by fourth generation brothers, Roger and Marcello. Under the watchful eye of their highly experienced coffee farming father, the brothers are pushing the boundaries of modern coffee farming in Brazil.

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250g, 500g

Ground Coffee Options

Wholebean, Aeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper, Espresso Machine, Filter / French Press, Kalita, Moka Pot, V60, Not sure