Colombia, La Mesa, Lot 2

17.0029.00 incl.VAT

Second level flavour notes: sweet Seville orange with juicy acidity, milk chocolate and caramel body

Processing: Washed

Specialty score: 85

Varietal: Castillo & Colombia

Farm height: 1800 masl



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Finca La Mesa is sat just outside of the picturesque town of Jardin in Antioquia in the village of La Linda. The small 2,5 ha farm belongs to Silvana Espinosa who acquired the farm 5 year ago. Since then she has set about developing her knowledge of coffee production as well as developing the infrastructure of the farm. There have been difficult times on the farm with Dona Silvana remembering times when they didn’t have the money to pay the worker because the coffee hadn’t dried enough to sell yet. This lesson in particular helped them to become more organised and build increased drying space like the drying tent they invested in. Through the hard work now on the farm they are producing excellent quality coffee year on year now.

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