DECAF, Central America, El Caracol and Quetzal

16.0029.00 incl.VAT

Cherry, plums, dark chocolate. Full bodied and sweet with a juicy, apple acidity.

Speciality score: 85

Farm height: 1500 – 1700 masl

Such a good decaf, you would think it’s the real thing.




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This decaf lot is a mixed central american blend of two different coffees, one from Honduras called El Caracol that mean the snail and one from Huehuetenango in Guatemala that we decided to call Quetzal like the national Guatemaltecs Bird; therefore this blend is called “The Snail and The Bird”. El Caracol is a small village in the San Pedro area of Copan, Honduras, where our origin partner has a group of members. The altitude in the area ranges from 1500 to 1600 masl and the main varieties grown are catuai, parainema, IHCAFE 90 and lempira.

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