Durrus 360g

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Semi-soft, washed-rind Irish Farmhouse cheese with a delicately pungent flavour. Made in West Cork. Cow’s milk.

Jeffa Gill has been making Durrus at her hillside farmhouse in West Cork since 1979. Since then Durrus has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded of all the Irish farmhouse cheeses, collecting many prizes and accolades along the way. West Cork has long been associated with milk production in Ireland, making it an ideal location for cheesemakers. The region’s wet, saline sea air makes the area eminently suited to washed-rind cheese production.

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Durrus is one of the great Irish farmhouse cheeses. Try it on toast, in place of raclette or with pears. In terms of wine matches pair it with ‘full bodied’ whites such as Albariño, Gewurztraminer or lighter reds such as Beaujolais Jeffa has recently added the semi-hard Dunmanus to the her range.

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