ETHIOPIA, Dikitu, Guji Zone

18.0033.00 incl.VAT

Second level flavour notes: jasmin and violet, mango and strawberry, lime acidity with round creamy mouthfeel

Preparation: Natural

Specialty score: 87.75

Farm height: 1900-2300 masl

Owner: 74110,74112 & Heirloom


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This coffee is from producers in the vicinity of a dry processing station called Dikitu, in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia. The dry washing station is located up at a nice high elevation of 1900-2300 masl, and is dried for 15-20 days on raised African beds typical to this region of the country.

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250g, 500g

Ground Coffee Options

Green Beans, Wholebean, Aeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper, Espresso Machine, Filter / French Press, Kalita, Moka Pot, V60, Not sure