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Second level flavour notes: chocolate, orange blossom, rose, cherry, apricot, delicate, good sweetness

Preparation: Washed

Specialty score: 87.75

Farm height: 1870 – 1900 masl



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Kokie washing station has 10 fermentation tanks to process cherry that is brought by local small holder farmers to them. Located just on the outside edges of Yirgacheffe town, in the Gedeo zone, the area has great growing conditions as well as being notorious for producing classic ‘Ethiopian’ coffee. The reputation is bolstered by the first washing station in Ethiopia being in Yirgacheffe, introduced back in the 1970’s. Coffee is typically grown on a very small scale in the gardens of producers, where it is intercropped with other subsistence crops such as Enset, a crop low in vitamins and minerals, but calorie dense. This is often on a small plot of land adjacent to the home; the area has just 7.74% of its population as living in urban settings.

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