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Honduras, Finca El Chollo

17.00-31.00 incl.VAT

Second level flavour notes: lemon sherbet, bakers chocolate, yellow plum, raw hazelnuts, passionfruit

Speciality score: 85.25

Preparation: Honey

Variety: Various

Farm height: 1550 masl


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Honey processing has brought the best flavours from this coffee. The beans are dried with some mucilage still attached to the coffee bean, slowly becoming sweeter and developing more and more flavour as the coffee dries. A citrusy and juicy bean, backed by the typical flavours of chocolate and nuts; in this case bakers chocolate and raw hazelnuts which have made Honduras coffee firm favourite on the bar and our most bought single origin online. This is a very sweet cup with sparkling acidity and hints of yellow plum and passionfruit. unique and exclusive coffee to wow our coffee curious customers 

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250g, 500g

Ground Coffee Options

Wholebean, Aeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper, Espresso Machine, Filter / French Press, Ground for Espresso, Kalita, Moka Pot, V60, Not sure