Loveramics Bond Cappuccino Cup

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Loveramics Bond Cappuccino Cup-Mint

Designed by award-winning ceramicist Simon Stevens, the Loveramics Bond Series puts a contemporary twist on the well-loved ceramic coffee cup. With thick, vertical walls, The Loveramics Bond Cappuccino Cup boasts a sleek, modern new profile, while still retaining the same rounded inner surface (continuous curve) that allows the sweetness and fullness of coffee to shine.

Its commercial-grade high-fired coloured porcelain is all Loveramics – but Stevens takes the design one step further by incorporating a heat trap at the base of the cup, for greater heat retention. The avant-garde handle modifies the cup’s centre of gravity, giving you balance when pouring your latte art, and comfort when drinking. Durable and solid, this cup safely serves 5.3oz/150ml. All cups are dishwasher and microwave safe, and freezer and oven safe. Suitable or domestic or cafe use.


Available in 3 different colours: Mint, Teal and River Blue

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Dimensions: 34W x 68H x 42L (mm)

Height 6.5cm; Diameter 8cm

150ml Capacity