Loveramics Tumbler Espresso Cup Cream and Teal

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Tumbler Espresso Cup 80ml

Designed as a collaborative effort between 2017 World Barista Champion Dale Harris and London-based ceramicist Ben Sutton, enjoy the latest collaboration between Loveramics and Dale Harris with the Tumbler Series, which will bring a unique flair and story to your bar collection while showcasing the quality and multi-sensory impact of your coffees.

Incorporating Ben’s original 2016 designs, this collaboration was all about crafting serviceware that would best showcase the artistry of specialty coffee and its baristas, while solving ever-present scale challenges in hospitality. With thick walls for heat retention whilst being comfortable to hold without a traditional handle, the Tumbler Cup’s weightiness corresponds with research showing that people tend to associate better-quality drinks with heavier vessels. The curved inner surface aids latte art and crema retention, showcasing stellar latte art. Available in 3 colours (beige, celadon green, celadon blue), this stunning collection is dishwasher safe and stands up to regular café use.

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Capacity 80ml

Length 6cm ; Width 6cm ; Height 6cm



Additional Info:

Restaurant Grade & Food Safe

Dishwasher / Microwave Safe



Celadon Green