PERU, La Huaca, La Huabal

15.0027.00 incl.VAT

Second level flavour notes: strawberry, mango with sweet brown sugar and a creamy lasting buttery body

Specialty score: 85.5

Preparation: Washed

Variety: Mixed

Farm height: 1750 – 1950 masl

Owner: Various Smallholders


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This lot is a blend of day lots from the La Huaca village in the Huabal district. Coffees from La Huaca have a very distinct cup profile, which is due to the micro-climate in the area – very humid and wet – and also the deep red, African-like soils. Nevertheless, despite all the quality potential, producers in the area have struggled to produce high quality coffee in the past, with a lack of infrastructure and a challenging climate often resulting in defects and lower cup quality. The producers in La Huaca all have between 1 and 3 hectares of land and mostly grow castillo, caturra and bourbon varieties. All of the producers pick and process their coffee themselves.

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