Porcelain Cappuccino Cup 300ml

48.50 incl.VAT

Mindset Dinnerware Porcelain Cappuccino Cup:

We believe that even a basic collection should decorate your table, that’s why we used a simple and elegant design and the highest quality materials.

Cups have clear glossy glaze interior and exterior.
Each product is treated separately. Our products are fired to a high temperature (1250c) it makes it very strong and solid and all glazes are all food safe and lead free. Cups are suitable for microwave use and dishwasher. Dimensions: ⌀8,5 cm, 8 cm. 300 ml.

*Please note that since all items are handmade the colours and shapes may slightly vary.

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Materials: Ceramic, porcelain

Capacity: 300 millilitres

Pictures taken from owners website.