UGANDA, The Coffee Gardens Lot 5

17.0030.00 incl.VAT

Black cherry and forest berries with cacao and a rich full dark chocolate body

Altitude: 2000 – 2200 MASL

Preparation: Washed

Cup Score: 83.5



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With volcanic soils, high altitude and an abundance of shade trees, the Mount Elgon Region in Eastern Uganda has the potential to produce world renowned specialty coffee. By working directly with individual farmers, The Coffee Gardens are able to understand their specific needs and ambitions. Together, they work to improve coffee farming practices using climate smart and environmentally sustainable approaches. The Coffee Gardens’ partner farmers grow exceptional coffees, which we process on their micro processing station. The station was designed to maximise the quality, consistency and traceability of these coffees. Through this long term collaboration, farmers are now able secure higher incomes and grow their businesses for themselves and future generations.

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