Street Food Garden Project

We’ve been playing with the idea of adding food to the coffee offering at our roastery.  Since the start of the year we have invited different pop ups along, and most weekends we have been lucky enough to have great feedback and super vibes.  Its time we took it a little further and re-defined what a community garden is.

We are planning on investing 30k-40K on our garden.  We will do it in two phases.  The plan is a quick burst now – so we have a permanent street food offering ready to go for July 1st.  We need to get the basics of the structures in place and open for the summer.  We are then going to continue to add to the area over the next 12 months depending on how this campaign runs and our own cashflow.  The support we have received since opening the past year has been phenomenal.  And we know you want more to do than just drink coffee.

We want to create a funky space, with food and drinks available, still for adults, where we can host barbeques, parties, work get togethers, and even a few gigs.  We know we can create a really cool area for you to hang out, enjoy great food and awesome coffee, the views of Moylussa and of course the company of your mates.  We are committed to making this happen.  And we know its really going to create a destination for the village.

30-40k is a realistic budget and more likely to be 50k by the time it’s finished next year.

We have decided to set a low and achievable budget of €5,000 and this will pay for the ground works / gravel/ seating / fire pit and anything else we can fit into the budget.  I’m hoping we can blow that out of the water very quickly.

Thanks for your support.  We’ll keep you up to date with developments – and of course if know someone who can help or work on the project we’d love to hear from them.

We’d love your support. Any amount helps. But if you can stretch to €50 this will get you one ticket to our end of summer party (in the garden ! we hope). If you are not in a position to help us fundraise, please share the post and our story to others who might.

Donations over €200 will be given back half their value in the form of credit on the bar and anything over €500 will get a years supply of coffee* and 50% credit back.

Lets make this happen! OBR Food Garden Project

thank you. Alan.

*1 year supply of coffee = 500g retail coffee a month.