Coffee Culture Barista Training

Coffee Culture is about much more than roasting exceptional coffee. We believe in building open and honest relationships with the best cafés in Ireland, who share our values and passion for coffee. It’s in our nature to share information openly and proactively with those who have a thirst for excellence. We serve and support cafés, so that together, we can satisfy, delight and nourish our customers.

Start Your Own Cafe Workshop

A two day course start your own cafe workshop focused on the key areas you need to consider before you open a cafe: from cost analysis to budgeting and from finding the right space to hiring and training staff. This course will give all the steps that you have to follow to open a coffee shop in a law-compliant manner and also the insights of daily running a coffee shop. We will equip you with all the information you need to know. Also included in the price is a free 3 month, unlimited support/consultation service with Coffee Culture Founder Alan Andrews, which can be activated when you are ready to make your café dreams a reality, and a further 3 month mentorship at the discounted rate.


Over past couple of years we have shared some coffee knowledge and insights and have built The Old Barracks coffee community – fun, interactive and always coffee curious. Most of the events organized by us are free but you must register in advance. From “Roasting and Cupping” to “How to Hack Your Home Brew”, follow us on Insta and find out when the next event is coming up!


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